Night with the Experts: Dr. Edwin Lyman – National Radioactive Waste Coalition

Night with the Experts: Dr. Edwin Lyman

Date(s) - 11/17/2022
7:00 pm CST – 8:00 pm CST


Guinea Pig Nation

how the NRC’s new licensing rules could turn communities into test beds for risky, experimental nuclear plants

Under the direction of Congress, the NRC is developing new regulations to facilitate licensing of experimental reactors by relaxing safety and security standards and by relying on safety demonstrations that utilize computer simulations rather than experimental data. The main focus of this effort, known as “Part 53”, is being written with an unprecedented level of industry involvement.

If Part 53 is enacted, first-of-a-kind reactors could be located in densely populated urban areas without any provisions for emergency evacuation planning, without security forces to protect against terrorist attacks, and without highly trained operators—and all without meaningful opportunities for public input.

The video of this event is being edited.  When it is ready, we will link to it on this page.

Dr. Edwin Lyman is director of Nuclear Power Safety at the Union of Concerned Scientists and former president of the Nuclear Control Institute. He is a member of the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management. Dr. Lyman is an expert on nuclear proliferation, nuclear terrorism, and nuclear power safety and security. He is widely published and is co-author of the book Fukushima: The Story of a Nuclear Disaster.

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