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National Radioactive Waste Coalition

About Us

A new nationwide campaign established to promote a national radioactive waste policy emphasizing the needs of affected community, environmentally responsible handling of radioactive wastes, and principles of environmental justice.

Coalition Goals

No To Yucca Mountain

Stop Yucca Mountain from becoming a permanent nuclear waste repository

No To Consolidated Interim Storage

Stop any plan for consolidated/centralized interim storage.

Yes to Hardened On-Site Storage

Keep high-level radioactive waste as close to its current sites as possible and “harden” the storage so it is as safe as it can be.

Reduce Inherent Dangers

Reduce the inherent dangers with the storage of high-level radioactive waste involved in the decommissioning of nuclear power plants or other nuclear sites.

Coalition Strategy and Vision

BUILD the power of the groups participating in the campaign.

BRING new people and groups into the movement – especially younger people and people of color.

BUILD solidarity and unity across the country among the groups working on the campaign.

DEVELOP core principles about how we work together and practice implementing them in our work.

EXPAND and continue current actions regarding legal, legislative, and regulatory issues.

PROMOTE and develop the adoption of minimum requirements, core principles, stringent criteria, and other policies for nuclear waste.

CONTINUE and expand the current plan on Indigenous Peoples’ Laws, Treaties, Protocols, and Activities.

Interactive Map

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