Nuclear Fuel Chain Part II: Uranium Enrichment, Fuel Fabrication, and Reprocessing – National Radioactive Waste Coalition

Nuclear Fuel Chain Part II: Uranium Enrichment, Fuel Fabrication, and Reprocessing

Date(s) - 02/09/2023
8:30 pm EST – 9:45 pm EST


The Nuclear Fuel Chain Lecture Series explores and analyzes the entire fuel chain, from uranium mining to radioactive waste storage. Join us in February for Part Two of the series, Uranium Enrichment, Nuclear Fuel Fabrication, and Reprocessing. Register HERE or below for your unique link.

We are honored to have with us two experts on the topic, Pat Marida and Terry Lodge.

Pat Marida

Pat Marida
Pat Marida

Pat has been an antinuclear activist since the 1980s, when she was a volunteer staff person and Board Member of the Ohio Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign.  For 25 years she held various volunteer positions in the Sierra Club, including serving on the Executive Committee of the Ohio Sierra Club and chairing the Central Ohio Sierra Club for 9 years.  She helped found the Ohio Sierra Club Nuclear Free Committee in 2010 and served as its chair through 2020.  She is currently a coordinator with the Ohio Nuclear Free Network, having helped start that organization two years ago.  She is a retired pharmacist living in Columbus, Ohio.

Terry Lodge

Terry Lodge
Terry Lodge

Terry is a longtime environmental and civil rights lawyer in Toledo, Ohio who in a career of 43+ years has represented grassroots activists and protesters opposing nuclear power and nuclear weapons, mountaintop removal, fracking and its radioactive waste, war and discrimination in employment. He values the free speech, association and protest rights of activists above every other constitutional right and worries about the privatized censorship of dissent on corporate social media as well as the “money equals megaphone” problem amplified by the Citizens’ United court decision.

Terry currently represents scores of activists formally opposing the construction of two “interim” irradiated nuclear fuel dumps, one in Texas and one in New Mexico, and is pressing a lawsuit over the nuclear weapons implications of manufacturing high assay low-enriched uranium (HALEU) at a Department of Energy plant site in southeastern Ohio. He’s also assisting a small but tough group of activists in Erwin, Tennessee who’re outing a local factory’s public health-threatening radiation leaks and nuclear weapons connections in an NRC license amendment case.

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