Night With The Experts – National Radioactive Waste Coalition

Night With The Experts

Date(s) - 02/23/2023
7:00 pm CST – 8:30 pm CST


Albert Karvelis will speak on “Prairie State Generating Company (PSGC) Carbon Capture Project- What could go Wrong?”

The PSGC Campus near Marissa Illinois consists of two coal-fired powerplants emitting a total of about 14 million tons of CO2 per year. The US Department of Energy sponsored project, led by the Prairie State Research Institute, recently completed the design of the equipment. The proposed multi-billion dollar facility is claimed to be capable of capturing 8.5 million tons of CO2 per year.

My review of this project identified two potential problems: (1) the system, when built, is unlikely to work “as advertised” and (2) there is a real potential that this captured CO2 could be destined for oil recovery –which means that the captured CO2 will, in essence, be recycled back into the atmosphere—all at great expense while yielding no net decarbonization

The presentation will discuss the bases of my opinions and suggestions of what to do.

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